Reconstruction of Cross Bay Bridge, TBTA


B & H Engineering, P.C. has provided construction inspection services, as a prime consultant, for the Reconstruction of Cross Bay Bridge, TBTA.

The project CB-10, Rehabilitation of Seawall and Promenade included concrete spall repairs on the seawall including underwater repairs; anchor to secure the bulkhead to the seawall, replacement of railing along the seawall, steel facing, sidewalk, curb, concrete pavement, cleaning and applying protective coating on top of bulkhead and face of seawall; new promenade lighting system, site grading and drainage system; and landscaping.

Project CB-12, Electrical and Structural rehabilitation included new electrical panel boards, switch board, switches, transformer at the facility building, new stand by diesel generator, new cable-in-conduit system across the bridge, low and medium voltage switch gear and power distribution equipment in vault and electric room, new deck for span 12 and approach slab for ramp NSE; new concrete barriers, roadway lighting and structures; asbestos and lead abatement; new intrusion and security system.