B & H Engineering, P.C. is performing 2017-2018 biennial inspection of Bridges in New York county, as a prime consultant, for the NYSDOT.

Services included: field inspections, load rating of bridges, quality assurance on flag reports, reporting of flagged conditions to NYSDOT, design and preparation of repair details for prompt immediate action conditions; preparation of final reports and submission electronically; load rating of bridges using VIRTIS software, disposition of flagged conditions, planning and scheduling inspection; coordinating inspection with ongoing construction contracts and railroads; providing and monitoring Maintenance and Protection of Traffic on the Bridges, Local Streets, Parkways and Railroads. Inspection was performed utilizing a mobile field office. Inspection equipment included 30 to 130 feet men lifts, bucket trucks, under bridge inspection unit (UBI), Moog inspection truck, boats (where required) and ladders.

B & H has also provided 2011-2012 biennial inspection services for these structures as a prime consultant.


Biennial Inspection of New York County Bridges, NYSDOT