Biennial Inspection of RFK Bridge, TBTA


B & H Engineering, P.C. has performed 2006-2007 Biennial and Interim Inspection of the RFK Bridge, as a prime consultant, for MTA-Bridges and Tunnels.

The project limits were the structures in Manhattan, the Movable Bridge over the Harlem River and structures from Manhattan to the Bronx and Queens originating from toll plaza. Services included: project management, quality control and inspection staff (3 inspection teams). Field inspections of Group B bridge and Harlem River Lift span, Preparation of NYSDOT and narrative reports; load rating and database update; updating existing inventory and BIN maps; attending progress meetings, Elevator inspection at Harlem River Lift span, computerized document control system using Primavera Expedition, updating vulnerability assessments, planning and scheduling inspection, coordinating inspection with ongoing construction contracts, renting equipment, providing and monitoring work zone traffic control on the Bridge, local streets, FDR Drive and Harlem River Drive. Work included sounding of concrete within red and yellow areas; and monitoring safety flags removal.